ballpoint pen

Mom to mom

portrait of Travis by Ashley Finnemore in ballpoint pen


I don’t often taken on commissions to produce work in someone’s likeness. Travis is the exception. I didn’t know him personally but I do know and adore his family. You see Travis’ mom shares a parallel with me in her journey through life. Her baby was epileptic. Any parent with a child who has an illness classified as life threatening shares the parallel stride that we all wish we could just hand over to the big guy. Reality is the weight becomes some sort of backpack and the concern kind of fades, the whatifs never dissipate but, you know for goodness sake, you must continue so that your baby has the normal most people take for granted. For Travis’ mom, she has experienced the greatest loss. One of those whatif moments took her son. My heart can’t handle what she has experienced so, I say yes to remembering the joy Travis brought to this world and celebrate this brave mom with this gift to her. I look forward to meeting her and having lunch soon. The most sincere gratitude fills my heart for his loved ones who have trusted me with this thoughtful gift. They also allowed me to try a new medium I’ve admired for some time. This sketch entirely in ballpoint pen.