We're all dreading it.  The early mornings, making sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there, homework, no homework (insert eyebrow raise), missing your babies being babies, the list goes on and on.  So many mixed emotions.  Shopping for school supplies with joy, secretly holding out hope that Lisa Frank will be on the shelves this year.  Shopping for school clothes online between meetings is what I was doing when a slight detour brought me quite possibly to the greatest product I've ever discovered.  I shared with enthusiasm via the ig and whoa was I blown away with kindred delight!  So by all means, let me not put this blog off any further.  I must share what I've learned in the past few days from the messages and comments I've received!  I'd be doing the mass of moms sending little ones off a disservice if I deprived just one of them a single day of pure joy lounging in the pink kitty pool with their champagne popsicles!  


So, here's the run down.  Fortnum & Mason seem to no longer have these pops in their offerings.  BOO.  I read an exciting article from Fortnum & Mason explaining that they have brought them back and expanded the line only to reach a dead end at every promising avenue to this heavenly treat.  

Not to be dissuaded by my findings but, inspired to search for possibilities, I happened upon some other options.  My favorite being POPS.  Started by two old school friends had an innovative idea with big nostalgia, their offering now includes something for everyone.  They're available through several options online, and whole foods!  They even produce a limited edition Rosé for Fortnum & Mason.  Wait a minute, they aren't available in America!  We should start a petition.  

I give you, FrutaPOP.  They have an assortment of options for boozy or not frozen treats, the packaging hits right at home with this 80's kid so for me, they seem appropriate for the occasion.  

18402734_1912010655711988_3834920680361366241_n.jpg even went to the trouble of listing how helpful these could be if kept on hand.  

Though the possibilities are endless when it comes to this bold new consumption frontier, here are just a few ideas:

  • Send guests home with a few unfrozen pops as party favors.

  • Pack your cooler with pops to keep everything cold, and enjoy them after!

  • Turn them into Mule cubes, chilling your traditional Moscow Mule without diluting any of the flavor.

  • Keep a case on hand during the holidays for when people pop by. This is a great, low ABV product option for surprise guests.

  • Bring a case for the host of your next party, these are a great alternative to traditional offerings and are sure to get a conversation started!

  • Though we can’t condone public consumption, just think of the possibilities that a ‘mobile Mule’ offers. (Parks! Tailgates! Your kid’s soccer game!)